A third of workers dealing with precarious employment: Peterborough Public Health

May 17, 2018

A little over one-third of Peterborough’s workforce deals with the instability of precarious employment.

That’s one of the key findings in the first part of a report by Peterborough Public Health and backed by the City.

Reaching out to 800 Peterborough residents from November to December 2016, the survey finds 33-per cent of workers face precarious work.

According to the Precarious Employment Research Initiative report, precarious work is defined as having “unstable and insecure employment, irregular work hours making time management difficult, unpredictable wages and no other benefits (and) less access to job training.”

The report adds precarious work is “usually characterized as temporary, part-time, limited term and contract work.”

Precarious work falls at the end of a scale which includes other categories such as vulnerable, stable and secure work.

The study found about one-third of residents have precarious work while 29-per cent say their work is vulnerable, 20-per cent say it is secure and 18-per cent say it is stable.

That means 62-per cent of workers defined their jobs as either precarious or vulnerable.

Three work sectors were mentioned in the report, including manufacturing, construction and trades; knowledge and creative industries; and the service sector.

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