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As the world begins COP24, the UN international conference in Poland to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs), the need to act quickly underlies all negotiations.

The urgency for action on climate change has ramped up enormously in the last two months; the crisis has gone from “sometime in the future” to action required immediately to avoid catastrophe, with several major reports saying that the world has only about ten years to make dramatic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions to avoid a catastrophe.

An August article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) examined global tipping points that, once started, could fall like a row of dominoes affecting “the Earth System for tens to hundreds of thousands of years and potentially lead to conditions that resemble planetary states that were last seen several millions of years ago, conditions that would be inhospitable to current human societies and to many other contemporary species.” It showed that the world had only “one to two decades” to act aggressively before we lose total control over climate change.

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