Climate and conflict: Gwynne Dyer speaks at Trent University in Peterborough

March 21, 2019

When I take a week or so off from column-writing, I always counsel my editor to make space for the columns of one Gwynne Dyer.

Now that is a joke.

This gentleman is a master of the craft, famous for writing a twice-a-week column in 175 newspapers in 45 countries around the world. He is encyclopedic in his international political and economic knowledge. Pick any region, any country, and query him about the current situation there. You’ll receive a balanced and factual analysis that will both enlighten and enlarge your grasp. You’ll be informed and entertained, and never left without hope.

 Dyer is 75 years of age, Newfoundland-born and London-based. I can’t believe his age. I’ve followed him for, I suppose, 40 years, and have yellowed clippings of his writing on many topics. Most of those years, he has appeared in a leather bomber jacket. I’m only sorry it’s been retired. He is a broadcaster, a filmmaker, a navy veteran, a graduate of Oxford and Sandhurst, and an Order of Canada recipient.

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