More diversity on Peterborough City Hall staff urged during Community Wellbeing Plan workshop

February 20, 2018

The city could diversify its hiring practices so there are non-whites working at City Hall and on the police force if it wants to make newcomers feel more welcome in Peterborough, a citizen suggested at a municipally run brainstorming session on Wednesday.

Kim Zippel was one of 19 people who attended an all-afternoon workshop at the Peterborough Lions Community Centre on Burnham St. as part of the city’s Community Wellbeing Plan.

The city is developing this new plan in 2018; the idea is to provide a series of recommendations to city and county councils to improve the quality of life for residents over the next three to five years.

Zippel said that as people move here from areas such as the GTA, it would be ideal to have a diverse staff offering policing and municipal services.

“When people are being welcomed here, they will feel more welcome when they see themselves reflected in the city’s services,” Zippel said.

For several months, a team of city staff members has sought public feedback as they develop the Community Wellbeing Plan: they’ve done this through community surveys, online comment cards, pop-up kiosks in public places and workshops.

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