This temp agency worker shows up at the same office every day. But his agency says he’s not a real employee

May 14, 2018

George Fawcett, 31, shows up to the same downtown bank office every day on a schedule set by supervisors who trained him and direct his daily activities. But according to the temporary employment agency that placed him there, he is not actually an employee — either of the agency or the bank.

It’s the subject of a recent complaint filed by Fawcett to the Ministry of Labour after realizing he was not receiving public holiday pay and vacation during his temp agency contract at a Toronto-based Scotiabank. And, he believes, it’s a growing problem in a precarious economy.

“I wasn’t sure about the law,” he says. “It wasn’t till I worked on Thanksgiving and someone told me they would just be paying (the) regular hourly rate, not even time-and-a-half that I thought, definitely something’s up here.”

When he approached his agency, he was told he wasn’t entitled to the additional wages because he was an independent contractor, a category of worker that has no protection under Ontario employment legislation.

How a worker is classified has significant implications. Independent contractors are responsible for paying their own taxes, and are not covered by the province’s Employment Standards Act that governs things like minimum wage or overtime.

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